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MobiTV debuts multiservice mobile video server at NAB2008

MobiTV at NAB2008 unveiled its Optimized Delivery Server, designed for the distribution of enhanced live, downloadable and other forms of media over broadband and wireless networks.

The RTP/RTSP- and 3GPP-compliant server combines unicast and multicast distribution methods, creating a single delivery platform that optimizes network resources by creating a distributed network. It includes comprehensive usage reporting, fully redundant architecture and support for all types of devices. Bandwidth adaptation methods include stream switching, stream thinning and rate shaping. In-stream insertion for live and clip linear content and post- and pre-roll ad placements for VOD and downloaded content is possible, along with the insertion of targeted ads. The technology also makes it possible to change channels on a mobile device is less than a second.

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View MobiTV’s Optimized Delivery Server at NAB2008.