Miranda Launches New Asset Management System

Miranda Technologies recently released its MediaWorks Pro digital asset management system for use in corporate markets.

MediaWorks Pro covers the management of digital assets from acquisition through ingest, manipulation, archiving and content repurposing/distribution. It is suited for applications in the corporate, scientific research, educational, government and other markets.

The system provides an infrastructure for importing and/or ingesting files of various types and allows users to organize, search and view the data for decision making. It allows material to be archived in centralized storage, which can be made available for later use in several settings. The system has support for content acquisition with a built-in source and monitoring system for smooth ingest. Video assets, once ingested, are available for frame-accurate browsing from a PC desktop, while video assets imported in different formats can be viewed using a standard browser.

MediaWorks Pro also accelerates workflow by creating relationships between assets. The system is scalable and offers ODBC-compliance for use with a variety of databases and allows standard SQL queries. Users have the option of customizing the built-in data model.