Miranda adds Linear Acoustic audio processing to automatic loudness control system

Looking to minimize abrupt differences in loudness between programming and commercials, Miranda Technologies’ Automatic Loudness Control (ALC), which eliminates loudness jumps during commercials, is now available with Linear Acoustic AEROMAX processing.

By incorporating adaptive multistage wideband and multiband algorithms from Linear Acoustic, ALC ensures that audio is free from abrupt loudness shifts. ALC incorporates Level Magic audio processing technology from Junger Audio.

The first products to become available from Miranda with ALC are the Densite' XVP family of 3Gbps/HD/SD signal processor modules, including the XVP-3901 up-, down- and crossconverter with audio processor.

With ALC, the desired Loudness Target, or Operating Level, and Peak Level can be set once, and thereafter the processing offers continuous control, regardless of the source.

ALC with Linear Acoustic processing is available in two, six and eight channel versions, which can provide 5.1 and stereo processing. The output loudness from modules equipped with ALC can be monitored according to ITU-R BS.1770.

The XVP-3901 3Gbps/HD/SD up-, down- and crossconverter provides many other advanced audio abilities in addition to ALC, including Dolby E encoding, Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoding, and Dolby E/Digital (AC-3) decoding.