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Merging Technologies introduces Ovation software

Merging Technologies, Swiss creators of the Pyramix digital audio workstation, have announced the introduction of Ovation cue‑triggering software for use in theater and live broadcast studio productions. The new product answers user requests for a PC-based triggering system for video and audio, stage automation data and MIDI events.

An add-on software option for the Pyramix system, Ovation consists of several software modules, including Cue Editors, Cue Sequencers and Cue Players, which can be used to supply performance cues and automation data for anything from a single-auditorium theater up to an entire venue or suite of broadcast studios for live recordings. Ovation can be used distributed across several machines on a network. Cues can comprise anything from simple audio files to video projects with embedded audio, or complex automation events. The cues themselves may be located on other Pyramix or VCube systems on the same network, reducing the playback load on the machine sequencing the cues.

Like Pyramix, Ovation supports most current video, audio and MIDI file formats, including the native Pyramix audio format PMF, Broadcast WAVs (BWF) and AIFFs, as well as video in AVI, QuickTime or Material eXchange Format (MXF). More complex material containing video and/or audio may also be imported via industry-standard XML, AAF and OMF project formats. Ovation is also compatible with the MIDI Show Control (MSC) protocol, allowing easy integration with existing venue or studio control technology.

Audio from Ovation is output on any of 128 channels, which can be freely routed via software matrix to the system’s outputs. As with Pyramix, a variety of audio output options are available for Ovation systems, including ADAT, AES-EBU and MADI. There will also be various MIDI and general-purpose output (GPO) options.

Ovation will be available as a separate software add-on for Pyramix later in this spring.

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