Mediaproxy LogServer Adds Support for 8K, HEVC

MELBOURNE, Australia—A series of updates have been made to Mediaproxy’s LogServer IP-based logging, monitoring and analysis software that will allow for the platform to support 8K, HEVC and Transport Stream over IP signals. In addition, Mediaproxy has added social media video editing capabilities to the system.

With the updates to LogSever, Mediaproxy is adapting to the growing need for being able to handle 8K resolution, with delivery involving HEVC compression and TSoIP streams. The LogServer can now handle 8K signals by converting any input to a proxy resolution.

In addition, with the growing need for being connected to social media, Mediaproxy has extended its social media publishing features for LogServer to include advanced editing functionality, allowing for the creation of clips for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Dailymotion and Brightcove.

These changes are in addition to other updates for the LogServer platform in the last year, which includes OTT monitoring capability.