MediaKind Releases New PRISMA Advertising Products

(Image credit: MediaKind)

FRISCO, Texas—MediaKind has reworked its PRISMA advertising and content distribution rights portfolio, announcing a new modular set of products that include PRISMA Core and PRISMA Edge. The Core and Edge platforms provide specialized content distribution rights definition and enforcement, as well as targeted advertising capabilities.

The advertising portfolio is designed to enable new monetization opportunities and protect content. PRISMA can be deployed in the cloud, as an appliance or as components integrated into the Aquila portfolio.

PRISMA Core is tapped to connect content providers and service providers by delivering advanced scheduling control and enabling rules enforcement for traditional broadcast and OTT-based delivery. It works with SCTE-224, SCTE-35 and CableLabs ESAM. It can be used for blackout and alternate content enforcement across broadcast and IP networks; placement management via SCTE-35  insertion/rewrite and manifest conditioning; linear ad replacement; and EAS compatible SCTE-18.

PRISMA Edge enables the activation of premium TV inventory and is meant to enrich it with qualified audiences across live and nonlinear workflows and in major streaming protocols. It protects from audience data leakage and ensures compliance with privacy protection regulations. It also provides a way to manage audience-based targeting use cases; supports SCTE-224 policy ingest through PRISMA Core; and implements placement routing capabilities.

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