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Medea Debuts New Fibre Channel RAID Storage Arrays

Medea has launched its new VideoRaid FCR2/FCR2X fibre channel RAID storage arrays, designed for high bandwidth applications.

The VideoRaid FCR2 is outfitted with a single channel 2 GB fibre channel interface and offers data transfer rates of 180 Mbps and the FCR2X handles transfer rates of up to 320 Mbps. Also, the FCR2 and each half of the FCR2X has a built-in 4-port fibre channel hub that connects to up to four workstations.

The FCR2 can hold up to 1.6 TB of data and is compatible with SD plug-in cards by Blackmagic, Cinèwave and AJA's Kona. The FCR2X works with HD plug-in cards by Blackmagic, Cinèwave and AJA Kona.

Proprietary features include a preventative maintenance system called RAID Patrol which monitors the disk media for errors, and for video post applications, both storage arrays have multistream technology (MST) an embedded streaming handling algorithm that works with the system's on-board caching RAID controller.