Maximum Throughput to unveil Sledgehammer MAXmirror

At NAB2008, Maximum Throughput will introduce the Sledgehammer MAXmirror configuration for creating fully redundant online storage.

Sledgehammer is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) file server that delivers more than 700MB/s of throughput.

The MAXmirror configuration enables users to set up Sledgehammer’s server and storage subsystem with no single point of failure to support the needs of mission-critical applications, such as broadcast television. The optional configuration involves two servers, each of which has its own internal or external storage based upon Sledgehammer NAS technology, to deliver the same aggregate throughput with no degradation in performance.

With MAXmirror, two servers are configured so the primary active server mirrors or replicates all of its data onto the passive secondary server. While the secondary server is passive, it monitors the primary server and in the event of a failure, automatically steps in as the failover backup.

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