Matrox Expands REMI Capabilities for Monarch EDGE

Matrox Monarch EDGE
(Image credit: Matrox)

MONTREAL—Updates to Matrox Video’s Monarch EDGE 4K/multi-HD encoder and decoder units have been announced, highlighted by the introduction of new remote production (REMI) workflows.

The Monarch EDGE technology can deliver up to four synchronized HD/3G-SDI camera feeds or a single 12G-SDI signal—in both native progressive and interlaced video formats—with glass-to-glass latency as low as 100 ms. According to Matrox, this reduces the number of production staff and resources required in the field. 

Two Monarch EDGE units can fit into a single 1RU rack space. The encoder and decoder pair also includes next-generation connectivity, including tally and talkback I/O and support for standard MPEG-2, RTSP and SRT streaming protocols.

Other new features available via the Monarch EDGE update include the ability to encode eight channels of audio per stream from a selection of 16 embedded audio sources per SDI input. Users can also record to a USB drive or network attached storage, allowing for the capture of multicamera ISO recordings.

The new Matrox Monarch EDGE driver is available for download. For more information, visit (opens in new tab).