Matrox Edits With Xtreme and Xtra Platforms

Montreal-based Matrox Video Products Group recently began shipping its RT.X100 Xtreme and RT.X10 real-time video editing systems.

According to the company, the two platforms boast faster capture tools, real-time editing features that cut down on the amount of rendering necessary and greater flexibility in delivery. The Xtra is suited for business communications and home projects, and sports features such as the real-time SinglePass DV scan and capture that cuts capture time, capture and recording with VHS, Hi-8, DV and other formats, video output to TV while editing, real-time color correction, Matrox Flex 3D effects and others.

The Xtreme has all of the same features, plus others for professional videography use. It uses 23 classes of Matrox Flex 3D effects, real-time DV output, DVD authoring with Sonic ReelDVD Studio, real-time chroma keying, waveform and vectorscope monitors and it can combine more than 16 effects at once.