Matrix Delivers Advanced Product Functionality

PITTSBURGH, PA.—The latest product release of the Matrix Solutions enterprise platform was made public today. The functionality was released Oct. 25, 2014 and provides enhanced features and functionality for managing sales more effectively across all platforms within a media enterprise.

The Matrix platform continues to focus on maximizing sales for the end user. Its Customer Relationship Management functionality enable users to get a clear picture of their business. The spending and non-spending alerts, part of the new functionality, send proactive notifications to defined users; bringing to their attention areas of the business where increased revenue opportunities exist. The reports can be customized by account, platform, category or market to highlight where these possibilities live.

Additional features include list builder, mass tagging, and lead import. List builder allows users to aggregate customized account and contact lists that can be segmented for specific sales opportunities, saving the sales team time. Mass action tagging enables a list's account information and/or contacts to be quickly tagged providing a faster way to manage and organize data. The Import Accounts feature gives account executives and managers a way to more effectively manage prospect or lead accounts. Imports happen in the background as a means to eliminate disruption to ongoing activity and productivity.