Marshall Electronics Adds USB 3.0 Adapter for Streaming

(Image credit: Marshall Electronics)

TORRANCE, Calif.—Marshall Electronics has introduced a new tool it says can meet the demands of remote streaming and collaboration, the VAC-23SHU3 USB 3.0 adapter.

The VAC-23SHU3 is designed to enable any HDMI or 3G/HD-SDI video and audio source to be ingested into a computer for live streaming, video conferencing, collaboration, video production and recording. The adapter offers users a plug-and-play setup.

Users can select either an HDMI or 3G/HD-SDI video source easily. Active HDMI/3G-SDI (BNC) loop-through outputs keep sources available for other purposes, such as feeding morintors, switchers or recorders. There is also UVC protocol support to control the video format, resolution, frame rates and other settings independent of the original source format.

The VAC-23SHU3 has a compact design for portability. Power is provided through the USB 3.0 output.

According to Marshall, VAC-23SHU3 enables the use of high-quality cameras for programs like Zoom, Skype and WebEx, as well as for live streaming on Facebook and YouTube.

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