Marquis Medway unlocks Avid workflows for Dalet systems

Marquis Broadcast’s Medway interoperability engine will be used to unlock Avid (opens in new tab) edit systems for Dalet Enterprise Edition workflows. News and archive operations interested in the Dalet platform can use Marquis Medway to transcode media clips, convert edit sequences and interchange metadata between Dalet Enterprise Edition and Avid editing systems.

Using Medway, Dalet shot selections and proxy edits can now be dropped into an Avid bin. After the editor finishes editing, Medway will conform these new Avid edit sequences and transfer the flattened file out to an open storage system, transmission server, render farm or archive system managed by the Dalet system. When the sequence is exported from the Avid system, Medway can also pass the genealogy information so Enterprise Edition can provide end-to-end asset tracking.