Lynx Technik Introduces 2x2 Optical Switch to yellobrik Line

Lynx Technik OSW 1022
(Image credit: Lynx Technik)

WEITERSTADT, Germany—Lynx Technik has unveiled a new 2x2 optical switch, the OSW 1022, for its yellobrik line of “throw down” bricks. 

The OSW 1022 is designed to improve connectivity and security on fiber networks, serve as a fiber line emergency switch, provide restoration and reconfiguration over optical paths, route diversity as well as support a range of other public fiber optic applications. It also provides optical network protection and flexibility in optical network connectivity for broadcast or AV facilities, per Lynx Technik.

The 2x2 optical switch selectively switches signals over optical fibers from one channel to another. It is data rate and format-independent, providing connection paths between two fiber inputs and two fiber outputs.

There are two modes with the OSW 1022, latching and non-latching. Latching mode sees the OSW 1022 maintain its current optical connection path when power is weak or lost. In non-latching mode, the yellobrik switches to a new connection path when power fails, and then reverting to its original path when power returns.

OSW 1022 can be configured with the yelloGUI software. It can be used as a standalone device, individually mounted or used with the 19-inch yellobrik rack trays as part of a larger system.

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