Luso unveils redundant combiner assemblies for Ku-, C-band SNG, DSNG

Luso Electronics has introduced two high-power redundant combiner assemblies for Ku-band and C-band for SNG and DSNG operators.

When configured with the company’s controller, the RCAs facilitate automatic redundancy in a two-amplifier phase combiner. In the event of failure of one amplifier, the combiner is automatically configured to allow the functioning amplifier to deliver its output to the antenna port with minimal loss.

The failed amplifier is routed automatically to load. The system also can be used as a 1:1 redundancy system if phase combining is not required.

The systems can be used in fixed earth stations, SNG/DSNG vehicles and flyaway units. The Ku-band unit covers 12.75GHz to 14.50GHz and is rated at 1200W (2 x 600W); the C-band unit operates from 5.85GHz to 6.725GHz with a power rating of 2000W (2 x 1000W).