Lotame Connects Digital Audience Data to Broadcast TV

NEW YORK—Local broadcast television hopes to be able to reap some of the rewards of digital audience data with Lotame’s release of TV DMP. Following a prototype test with Pearl TV-owned stations, TV DMP connects first-party data to televisions to help with behaviorally targeted ads on TV.

Lotame’s TV DMP leverages online behavioral data for local stations to identify when prospective advertisers’ key audiences are watching, as well as offering data-drive insights to the ads’ measurement. Once the television ad has run, the Lotame provides performance against target audience for more specific household viewing information.

Lotame uses cross-device technology to view consumers’ devices together so audience-targeting data can be applied to all. With that, TV DMP can offer multiple device campaign solutions to advertisers. TV DMP can also extend a television ad campaign to desktop computers and mobile devices.

The TV DMP system is now available from Lotame.