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LiveCut trims multicamera editing time

Software maker ToolsOnAir and post-production supervisor Christof Halasz are introducing a tapeless multicamera workflow system for daily soap opera productions and near-live events at IBC2008 in Amsterdam.

LiveCut reduces the editing time of multicamera productions by eliminating the time-consuming tasks associated with traditional tape-based workflows. While recording from up to eight cameras simultaneously, LiveCut records a video switcher’s edits and other metadata directly to recorded QuickTime media files. Footage is automatically track-laid and ready for editing as a multiclip timeline in Final Cut Pro within seconds after the recording, so the video switcher’s edits are processed into real edits in the multiclip timeline.

Productions using LiveCut save time otherwise spent capturing tapes and logging footage. LiveCut integrates into existing multicamera setups.

See ToolsOnAir at IBC2008 Stand 12E.E10, or visit