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Litepanels introduces long-throw SuperSpot

Litepanels has introduced a 1x1 SuperSpot LED that focuses the 5600°K beam to a 15-degree beam. This concentrates the light in a smaller area to provide a longer throw.

Like all Litepanels fixtures, the 1x1 SuperSpot remains cool to the touch and uses a fraction of the power of traditional lighting fixtures. It offers an integrated control knob on the back that enables instant dimming from 100 percent to zero with minimal shift in color. Silent and heat-free, the fixture can be positioned comfortably close to a subject.

Engineered for quick and easy set up and operation, the Litepanels 1x1 SuperSpot, with interchangeable slide-in color/diffusion gel filters, weighs 3lbs and measures 12in x 12in x 1.75in.

The fixture’s yoke allows for mounting via standard TVMP receptacle. It’s housing enables multi-panel configurations, making it easy to customize to each job’s specific requirements. It can be powered from a variety of 12-30 volt sources, including an optional battery, car battery or AC adapter. The optional on-board 1.75-hour lithium-ion battery pack provides cordless mobility.