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Litepanels Illuminates Madagascar’s Silk Weavers for Linstrom

VAN NUYS, CALIF.: Filmmaker David Linstrom recently returned from Madagascar, where he shot stunning visuals of the delicate art of silk weaving for a documentary commissioned by the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market. Key to capturing these works of art were his Litepanels 1x1 panels and Sola 4 Fresnel fixtures.

Linstrom’s shooting package included a Sony F800 HD camera, Fujinon 4.3x13 HD wide-angle lens, Canon 8x20 HD lens, a Sachtler Video 18 tripod, Anton Bauer Dionic batteries and Litepanels LED lights.

“I chose them because I knew there was no AC power and I needed battery-powered lights to supplement the daylight we had,” he said.

“For all of our locations we were using available light coming through the doors and windows, he continues. I had good exposure for the artists and the room, but what I really needed to see was the beauty of their work. By augmenting the daylight with the Sola 4 Fresnel, I got just enough extra light to make things like a silk scarf ‘pop’ as the woman’s hands flew over her weaving,” he said.

Linstrom will be returning to Madagascar in August in order to capture more footage for the project. This documentary on folk art will become the pilot for a series that will air on PBS in 2013.