Litepanels announces low headroom light

Litepanels has announced a new 1x1 Low Profile LED lighting fixture that’s designed to mount flat against a ceiling or wall while delivering precise lighting for television or motion picture production.

The 1x1 Low Profile fixtures extend only 3in out from the ceiling or wall surface on which they are mounted. This results in practically no loss of headroom or room space. Because the LED bulbs are tilted at 40 degrees off-axis, the light is projected forward from the fixture to softly light the subject.

The Low Profile draws little power and can be operated off 12V DC available on a motor vehicle. The fixtures are cool to the touch, even when operating, so they add no heat to a cramped space. Like other Litepanels’ 1x1 fixtures, the Low Profile is dimmable, via DMX or a control on the fixture itself, with no noticeable shift in color temperature.

Low Profile fixtures are available in Flood (5600 and 3200° K), as well as Spot and SuperSpot configurations (5600° K).