Linx Pro Launches TVLinx PSIP Generator

To help broadcasters comply with the FCC PSIP mandate, Linx Pro Products has launched a PSIP generator.

TV Linx encodes a program schedule into ATSC PSIP tables and outputs PSIP transport stream packages into a multiplexer for a DTV broadcast, thus meeting the FCC mandate, which takes effect on Feb. 1. Features include support for unlimited virtual channels and event overrun control.

Palatine, Ill-based Linx Pro also offers a PSIP-multiplexer, PSIP Solution. This tool combines a Logic Innovations TSM-2800 multiplexer with the TVLinx PSIP generator. Broadcasters can create and insert PSIP data into existing DVB-ASI or SMPTE-310M transport streams without the need for additional gear or software.

The FCC Report and Order--released Sept. 7--stated that the standardized use of PSIP will ensure that the public will be able to attain the full benefits and innovations of the new digital system.