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Link Research, Advent Communications to Showcase New Products at NAB2006

Vislink companies Link Research and Advent Communications will exhibit new technology targeting wireless HD and satellite transmission at NAB2006.

Link Research will showcase its wireless camera systems for HDTV, including LinkHD, which recently flexed its muscles at the Winter Olympics in Torino and Super Bowl XL. Link will also show a new accessory for its SD wireless cameras, a compact clip-on amplifier to increase the range of the camera -- for those times when a camera operator wants to move further away from the mobile production unit.

Advent Communications will demonstrate its 1.8-meter Newswift, a motorized vehicle-mounted satellite antenna, the largest satellite driveaway the company has made so far. The company is targeting the Middle East and Asian markets which require reliable C Band operation. Advent will also show a new, rugged version of the popular lightweight 1-meter Mantis motorized satellite flyaway, which stows inside one flight case and can carried as checked in luggage on a plane.

Link Research and Advent Communications will be in Booths C2007A and C2007B.