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Link Electronics upgrades HD sync generator series

Link Electronics had added several new software enhancements to the HDG-820 and HDG-821 HD/SD-SDI test pattern generator.

The new features include:

  • All formats are now on all outputs, including PsF
  • Gen-lock indication on the LCD display (HDG-821 only)
  • Insertion of source ID 00-99
  • Toggle between black and most test signals, with adjustable time interval
  • DARS audio
  • Bilevel and trilevel outputs
  • Factory default feature

The HDG-820/821 is an HD video test pattern generator in a stand-alone 1RU chassis. The unit has two serial digital outputs at 1.485GB/s and YUV-RGB analog outputs. The digital and analog outputs are simultaneous on the rear panel and contain the same test pattern. The user may embed internal audio tones on the digital video output, if desired.

The test generators support two audio groups, which allow for eight channels. The channels can be enabled on an individual basis. The internal tones generated are adjustable from 400Hz to 10kHz, 0 to -30dBFS. There are also two BNC connectors for AES output, which will allow four channels of audio for monitoring. The RS-232 serial connector is included for future development. There are a total of 30 test signals available, including SMPTE, EIA and full field bars.