Link Electronics Debuts ACE-2000 Automated Captioning Engine

JACKSON, MO.—A new captioning service is available from Link Electronics, as the company has launched the ACE-2000 Automated Captioning Engine for converting speech into captioning data that can be sent to a closed captioning encoder. The ACE-2000 is meant for applications involved in closed captioning in a studio or the field.

Designed for two through four-line roll-up captions, ACE-2000 uses a computational linguistics program to convert speech to text and then sends the text out with captioning data either by RS 232 or TCP/IP. Audio can be accepted by de-embedding the first two channels of audio from a SDI or a HDMI video input or through balanced AES or analog audio. In addition, the unit can accept audio using http, tcp, udp, mmsh and most types of rstp and rtmp.

The ACE-2000 can be remotely controlled through its web-based graphical user interface, which allows the user to use different audio inputs and caption outputs on demand, with selectable caption location. It also comes preset with standard audio and caption data outputs for Link Electronics encoders and is compatible with closed captioning encoders or devices.

The ACE-2000 is available in two bundles: The ACE-2000/492 that includes the SCE-492 superior caption encoder, and the ACE-2000/494 that has the AIP-494 caption encoder and audio over IP.