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Leitch Upgrades dpsVelocityQ

Leitch Technology began shipping versions 8.2 of its dpsVelocityQ multi-stream non-linear editing system and dpsVelocity dual-stream NLE. The upgrades work with Leitch solutions for post-production environments.

The 8.2 versions feature a color scheme, flexible interface customization options, timeline picons and the company's EyeCon view. EyeCon View displays the picons and individual chip timecode of all visible layers based on the current play-head position. This provides visual reference for all layers on the timeline and simplifies the alignment of frames.

The upgrades are available as fully integrated turnkey solutions or as boardset-and-software bundles for installation into a Windows 2000 or Windows XP workstation. Existing users of dpsVelocityQ and dpsVelocity can download version 8.2 from the Leitch Web site,