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Leitch rolls out news editing for the field, promotions craft editors

At IBC2005, Leitch Technology launched a broad offering of new HD products, including the new VelocityNX, a full-featured HD/SD promotions craft editor for NEXIO environments, and the VelocityXNG, an HD/SD news editing system.

Leitch’s VelocityXNG is a field editor designed for journalists to use as a portable news desk in remote locations. A software-only NLE using software codecs and effects processing, the VelocityXNG offers integration into the NEXIO SAN with access to shared storage and is able to edit and work locally until a remote connection to a NEXIO server can be established.

The VelocityXNG uses NEXIO’s MediaID technology to transfer only the needed video and audio clips back to the server (from any remote location), significantly reducing the bandwidth requirements.

The new VelocityNX is a full-featured HD/SD promotions craft editor for NEXIO environments. Integrated into the NEXIO SAN, VelocityNX enables editing of Leitch native HD and SD content (both 720p and 1080i) directly from the NEXIO shared storage architecture.

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