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L.A.’s LightIron purchases Quantel Pablo 4K system

LightIron Digital, a new file-based post-production company headquartered in Los Angeles, has purchased a Quantel Pablo 4K nonlinear color correction and DI system.

LightIron will deploy the Pablo on data-centric projects ranging from studio features, commercials, music videos, stereoscopic 3D, independent films and episodic television. The Pablo chosen by the post house is equipped with an optional Neo control panel and Quantel’s Stereo3D toolset.

The Pablo, said LightIron, empowers the new post facility to develop new workflow sequences for clients that eliminate redundant tools and operators. The Pablo 4K with Neo is Quantel’s top-of-the-line model.

The manufacturer said Pablo’s color tools all run in a nonlinear environment. This allows the colorist and client to view every shot in its correct editorial and compositional context — transforming the entire post workflow into a fast, collaborative and creative process.

The Neo panel provides an interactive, hands-on color correction environment with a new control interface designed for working in long grading sessions. The system’s new stereo3D post production tools offer real-time handling of dual left eye/right eye high resolution media. The stereo3D toolset takes care of all issues interactively.