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KPIX adds Video Production SAN for ‘Eye on Bay’ HD magazine show

KPIX in San Francisco has added a SAN Solutions Video Production SAN to enable file-based production of its "Eye on the Bay" HD news magazine show.

KPIX implemented the first phase of SAN Solutions' network storage within its graphics department in 2007, and then chose to put the company's Video Production SAN at the heart of a new file-based production environment for the show.

Video Production SAN is designed to give writers, editors and producers fast, convenient, simultaneous access to media and allows KPIX to establish a more collaborative workflow.

Content can be moved from cameras to storage quickly, and a centralized storage system allows writers and producers to access, log and arrange story content instantly from their desktops.

Production teams can work on multiple segments in parallel, as opposed to the serial workflow dictated by a tape-based production system. For example, producers at their own desktops can access proxy versions of video as soon as it is transferred to the SAN. Editors then simply drag and drop the producers' video sequences directly into their Final Cut timeline to perform finishing on associated high-resolution content and assemble the completed show.