Kinothenik Debuts Practilite 600 LED

Newest member of company’s Fresnel light offerings

TARTU, ESTONIA—Kinothenik is rolling out a new entry to its Practilite series of Fresnel lights, the Practilite 600. The 600 is modeled after Kinothenik’s bi-color, focusable Practilite 602 LED light, but features a fixed 75-degree beam angle and is able to deliver 20 percent more output than the 602, despite its smaller size, according to Kinothenik.

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The Practilite 600 is designed to replace 300-450W tungsten flood fixtures and can change color temperature without gels. Also, like all Practilite 600s, this new light is calibrated to achieve uniform lighting consistency from 3000-6000K.

Additional features for the Practilite 600 includes a smart phone app to help with setup and the ability to work with Practilite 1.3x1.3-inch Popup Softbox and 20-inch Softtube, along with the 4.5-inch Fresnel Spot Attachment.