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JVC unveils MR-HD100 camera-mounted portable hard drive recorder

JVC introduced the MR-HD100U hard disk drive (HDD) as part of its lineup of camera-mounted media recorders at IBC2008.

The company is offering several recording options, including tape, hard disk and solid state. The MR-HD100U is a 100GB Wi-Fi accessible hard disk drive that enables users to log customized metadata wirelessly in real time while shooting in the field. The MR-HD100U provides a fast, efficient shoot-to-air HD workflow with native file recording capability.

Through the use of any compatible wireless device, users can access the MR-HD100 to define metadata and assign it to video while recording. This capability saves time spent reviewing, logging and tagging footage in post production.

The MR-HD100 features an easy-to-use menu system and enables users to record in a wide range of HDV and DV formats.

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