Jünger Audio Introduces Netbridge UHD Interface

BERLIN—The move to 4K continues and Jünger Audio is recognizing it with the release of the Netbridge UHD interface that it describes as closing the gap between digital audio production systems and modern video formats.

The Netbridge UHD measures in at 19 inches and is designed for integration of 4K/UHD or four HD video streams into MADI and AoIP infrastructures. It has four 3G SDI interfaces, allowing it to be used as an audio video front end for video editing suites or workstations. It also has 64 channel interfaces. The system is configured and operated with a standard web browser, while all system parameters are controlled by the Ember+ protocol.

Jünger’s Netbridge series also includes Netbridge MADI, which provides an AES67 alternative to the 1:1 translation between MADI and DanteTM. The Netbridge MADI comes with two independent 64-channel bridges, enabling it to translate up to 128 channels between IP and MADI systems.