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JK Audio upgrades BlueDriver S series audio interface adapters

JK Audio is shipping its BlueDriver S series of audio interface adapters, now featuring aptX low latency coding by CSR for flawless stereo transmission via Bluetooth. CSR’s aptX Bluetooth offers a 92dB dynamic range with full range frequency response (10Hz to 22kHz). Its low audio coding delay minimizes latency effects and lip sync issues making it ideal for use in broadcast applications.

The new S series models from JK Audio are dedicated transmitters or receivers. Mix any female transmitter with any male receiver to create a system. These models can also pair with other JK Audio Bluetooth-equipped products using aptX low latency and remain backwards compatible with other SBC-equipped A2DP products.

Four versions are available:

  • BlueDriver-F3S – A 3-pin female mic level mono XLR, plus stereo 3.5mm inputs. Model BDRVF3S plugs directly into a mono mic or the mic level output from a mixer.
  • BlueDriver-F5S – A 5-pin female mic level stereo XLR, plus stereo 3.5mm inputs. Model BDRVF5S plugs directly into a stereo microphone.
  • BlueDriver-M3S – A 3-pin male mic level mono XLR, plus stereo 3.5mm outputs. Model BRDVM3S plugs into the mic input channel of a mixer.
  • BlueDriver-M5S – A 5-pin male mic level stereo XLR, plus stereo 3.5mm outputs. Model BDRVM5S plugs into the splitter cable typically provided with stereo microphones.

The JK Audio BlueDriver S series uses a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, yielding 10 hours of talk time. Product performance with aptX low latency results in end-to-end latency of 32ms. These new upgrades are available now through authorized JK Audio dealers.