Interra Systems Debuts Orion-OTT Edge Performance Monitor

CUPERTINO, CALIF.—Interra Systems is ready to launch its new Orion-OTT Edge Performance Monitor that is powered by the NPAW YOUBORA video analytics and business intelligence suite. Integrating the two systems provides operators with a system that can deliver live and VOD content, as well as analyze the video performance metrics of real user sessions, gain insight into recurrent issues and their causes, and isolate errors.

Orion-OTT EPM collects and extract video performance metrics such as startup time, buffering ratio, number of stalls and play failures from client devices. The collected metrics are analyzed to isolate performance issues across various dimensions, including CDNs, ISPs, countries, cities and video titles and identify the root cause. The system features a user interface with real-time views of metrics segregated across various dimensions.

The Orion-OTT EPM also offers integration with Interra’s Orion Central Manager.