InSync to Present Software Video Conversion Tech

FLICS | SOLO FF file-based standards conversion (Image credit: InSync)

InSync Technology specializes in video conversion and plans to showcase a range of its software video conversion products this spring that are able to support live and file-based workflows, as well as be used on premise or in the cloud.

The first of the planned products is the FrameFormer Link software engine, which brings live conversion of UHD/4K streams. This frame rate conversion software can be integrated into any live production platform, or can be made available through a service provider. With software that requires CPU-only processing with cross-platform support, it can also support cloud-based workflows.

There’s then FrameFormer Live, which uses InSync’s live conversion capability within a turnkey application that can handle frame rate conversion of any format up to UHD/4K. The product has the FrameFormer software engine built into a standalone environment that includes handling of popular streaming formats plus support for emerging SRT transport protocol.

Rounding out InSync’s offerings is the FLICS | SOLO FF powered by InSync FrameFormer. This is a content preparation application, developed by InSync’s partner HiScale GmbH, that offers automated transcoding and frame rate conversion for formats up to UHD/4K. It also offers codec support for ProRes, AVC-I, DNxHD, H.264 and H.265, as well as ABR encoding for VOD delivery. This software is available as a turnkey application or in the cloud.

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