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INRIX, Beat the Traffic form data partnership

Traffic information provider INRIX and HD traffic reporting solutions provider Beat the Traffic Aug. 29 announced an exclusive premium data partnership whereby Beat the Traffic will use INRIX traffic data.

Beat the Traffic is incorporating INRIX’s real-time traffic data for 122 metropolitan markets and 100,000 miles of major arterials, freeways and highways into its 3-D animation video broadcasting platform for real-time and forecast traffic on-air and on station Web sites. The integrated data includes the entire U.S. Interstate Highway System.

Seven TV stations, including KLAS in Las Vegas; WFTV in Orlando, FL; WPBF in West Palm Beach, FL; WTIC in Hartford, CT; KETV in Omaha, NE; WTVR in Richmond, VA; and WXMI in Grand Rapics, MI; are the inaugural clients for the new partnership.

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