IneoQuest to feature Singulus Lite 8-VSB Cricket

At NAB2008, IneoQuest will showcase its Singulus Lite 8-VSB Cricket broadcast signal confidence monitor.

The Cricket provides 24/7 unattended off-air monitoring and can be used to verify the presence of an 8-VSB broadcast signal, monitor RF coverage and troubleshoot studio-to-transmitter links (STLs).

The Cricket detects and decodes 8-VSB signals, providing remote verification of the RF and MPEG transport stream layer as well as quality verification and troubleshooting of the video and audio payload.

Continuous scanning of the 8-VSB signal discovers all channels and quickly alerts operators to RF outages and MPEG issues. Multiple Crickets can provide visibility throughout the entire broadcast network when integrated with the IneoQuest iVMS Video Monitoring System.

See IneoQuest in NAB booth SU11805, or visit