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Ikegami to Showcase GFSeries at NAB

Ikegami returns to the 2009 NAB Show with its GFSeries, a tapeless HD production system developed in conjunction with Toshiba. The GFSeries includes the GFCam (HDS-V10 tapeless camcorder), the GFStation (the GFS-V10 “studio deck” Flash memory recorder) and the GFPak media used by both.

The GFSeries is well suited for a wide range of production applications, including ENG, Web/new media, documentaries, corporate, sports and features. The GFStation is designed to look and function like a studio VTR, but it also acts as a multifunction server, which is handy for the increasing number of IT-enabled production facilities.

Both the GFCam and GFStation use a small, compact GFPak Flash media cartridge. The GFPak has USB and Serial ATA connectors on it, so users can plug it directly into an edit system (like a “jump” or “thumb” drive) and start cutting. It also has an LCD showing how much capacity is left on it. A 32 GB GFPak provides 60 minutes of MPEG HD (Long GOP, 50 Mbps).