IHSE USA Debuts USP3 Control Panels

CRANBURY, N.J.—Two new models of USP3 control panels for KVM push-button control have been made available by IHSE USA. Based on the USP3-16-IHSE model, the new eight-button desk-mount and eight-button rack-mount models offer the same technology with integrated, web-based configuration GUI.

IHSE DNF 8 Push-button Version

Within the configuration setup of these models, users can create multiaction commands with a single push-button command. Each programmable button can also be assigned a specific color with user-specific text; up to eight actions can be assigned to each button.

The USP3 can control one IHSE matrix at a specified IP address. The GUI home screen shows the currently viewed console number, the destination name, the source feeding the destination and the current mode. This allows users to select up to 15 predefined “take” options or choose the “destination select” option to view another destination. “Source” or “mode” keys are also available for selection.

USP3-8-IHSE is housed in a 1RU chassis with up to eight programmable buttons and a 100BaseT network connection; it also supports redundant power and includes an internal webpage control menu for configuration and setup. The USP3-8D-IHSE is modeled to be able to fit on a desktop.

The new USP3-8-IHSE and USP3-8D-IHSE, as well as the USP3-16-IHSE, are available only through IHSE USA and IHSE GmbH.