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IBIS to highlight XDCAM Cart-Avid newsroom MAM interoperability

At IBC2008, IBIS will demonstrate interoperability between a Sony XDCAM Cart system and an Avid Technology newsroom environment based upon its suite of media asset management applications.

A member of Sony’s XDCAM Cart Alliance, IBIS has developed a suite of applications that automates the transfer of material to and from the array of XDCAM disks held within the XDCAM Cart.

IBIS controls the automated bulk file ingest process, which allows program material to be restored simultaneously from multiple separate disks without user intervention, offering rapid file access, rich metadata handling and nonlinear access to stored content.

Once the Avid edit process is complete, users can initiate material transfer to the XDCAM Cart from the desktop. IBIS supports the transfer of the edited material to the next available unused space in the cart.

See IBIS at IBC2008 Stand 7.D10, or visit