IBC: Nevion Launches New IP Video Transport Solutions

At the recent IBC Show, Nevion unveiled four new products for video transport onto IP from its Ventura family of transport solutions: VS905-ME-CO-FE, VS908-AM-GE, VS908-AD-GE, and VS901-IED-GE.

The new Ventura solutions within the new product series efficiently aggregate video signals across IP networks for content distribution of any kind—unidirectional, bidirectional, unicast or multicast.

“We’re very excited by the critical role that Nevion products are playing early in the transport chain,” commented Dr. Chin Koh, director of product management for Nevion’s Ventura product family. “Designed to carrier-class specifications and features, these products integrate key compression technologies—JPEG2000 and MPEG-2, multiplexing—TDM, transport stream multiplexing and WDM, mapping to IP, as well as SDTI, ASI, SDH, and protect at all network layers.”

The VS905 series enables broadcasters to provide regional video services and fulfill local programming laws including PEG (Public Education and Government) requirements. The VS905 processes signals at PEG locations, compresses using advanced MPEG-2 technology and transported over IP. The VS905-ME-CO-FE is an MPEG-2 encoder for video distribution applications using NTSC or PAL video and analog audio. It compresses using the MP@ML profile and is compliant with the MPEG-2 Transport Stream encapsulation over IP compliant to SMPTE 2022. The output payload ranges can be set from 1Mbps to 10Mbps.

The VS908 is a single-slot Ventura card for transmitting and/or receiving applications that can be used as a pair or separately. The VS908’s aggregates eight ASI (EN50083-9) video streams onto a single Gigabit Ethernet link. Compliant with SMPTE-2022 specifications for IP encapsulation and FEC, the VS908 also protects against network congestion and ensures packet transmission. Customers can use the Ventura element manager to configure the VS908 for 100Mbps, 1000Mbps or auto-negotiation connection rates. This flexible ASI aggregator supports bit rates up to 213Mbps and has the ability to manage port bandwidth for tariffed applications.

The VS901 product series provides JPEG2000 compression with scalable quality over IP networks for both SD and HD video signals where high quality, low latency and band limited video transport are required. The VS901-IE-GE codec network adapter is a high-quality compressor/decompressor for HD-SDI and SDI video transport over IP enabled networks and video storage on IP transport stream servers. Full control is provided to the user for rate control providing optimal use of available bandwidth.

“The quality that’s been talked about for IP but so far not delivered has finally arrived,” said Eugene Keane, Nevion USA president. “Providing efficient transport of the highest quality video from the source onto IP networks for multicast into the home is key to the success of IPTV.”