IBC introduces four new awards

This year, IBC has added four new awards to recognize innovative use of technology. They include the Judge’s Award, Content Creation, Content Management and Content Delivery. Each will recognize a specific project and be presented to the end user. They also will recognize the contributions of the technology companies involved in making the project a success.
Projects being considered for the four new awards include:

Judge’s Award

  • New media production for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany – the defining step forward: Infront Sports & Media AG, Broadcasters Worldwide
  • The DVB-H and HDTV Trial in Torino – Rai: Centre for Research and Technology Innovation
  • Sydney DVB-H Trial: The Bridge Networks

Content Creation

  • BBC Radio Lincolnshire Pocket PC Phone Project: BBC Radio Lincolnshire, BBC Journalists
  • Digital Cinematography - What Love Is: Grass Valley, Big Sky Motion Pictures/Viper Filmstream/LUTher/Technicolor/Plus 8 Digital/Cinema Display Monitoring
  • The Piero Sports Graphic project: BBC R&D, Red Bee, BBC Sport, BBC Outside Broadcasts

Content Management

  • Digital Cinema: digital workflow in the upcoming digital cinema chain: T Systems Business Services, CineStar Berlin (Kieft & Kieft Theatres)
  • IBIS Highlighter at Kanal 75: IBIS, Kanal 75 Sweden
  • KODAK VISION2 HD System: KODAK, Ron Garcia, ASC Numb3rs

Content Delivery

  • 3G Mobile Studio: Createcna XXI S.L, RTVV
  • OmniBus Systems and Red Bee Media: Implementing the First All-Software Approach to Playout: Omnibus Systems Limited, Red Bee Limited
  • Surround Radio: Surround Radio, Netherlands Public Broadcasting

IBC2006 will feature an enhanced awards program complete with a high-profile ceremony. The awards presentation, Sunday, Sept. 10, will be held in the Park Foyer.

For more information, visit www.ibc.org.