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HME markets wireless headset system for high school coaches

HME has announced the DX300, a low-cost wireless headset system designed for high school football coaches requiring two-channel operation. Featuring a small, lightweight belt pack, the DX300 allows hands-free, simultaneous communication for up to 20 users.

The DX300 system sets up in minutes and can be expanded from the basic five-user system to accommodate up to 20 users. A 4-Wire I/O Base Interface allows pro audio users to connect to external hardwired intercom systems.

The system is designed to travel easily from venue to venue without concern for outside interference. It can operate on either electrical AC power or batteries. Dual-slot diversity antennas detect the strongest signal for clear, uninterrupted conversations.

Users can mix and match two types of communicators, a belt pack or all-in-one wireless headset. The BP300 belt pack weighs 7.4oz with battery and pouch.

The DX300 comes with a four-port battery charger and Li-ion batteries that can be charged in less than three hours, even while all communicators are in use during an event. Operating in the license-free, 2.4GHz frequency band, DX300 ensures secure, encrypted communications without the need for frequency coordination.

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