Heil PR 40 microphones used in ‘Flags of Our Fathers’

Location sound engineer Charles Maynes captures WWII gun explosions with PR 40 dynamics.
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The ability to accurately reproduce high SPL vintage firearms was critical to the selection of the Heil PR 40 for location recording.

The sounds of the cannons and World War II guns in the new Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg movie, "Flags of our Fathers," were captured by the new technology of several Heil PR 40 dynamic microphones. Location sound engineer Charles Maynes prefers the new Heil mics for their off-axis rejection, high SPL handling and wide frequency response.

The unusual extended frequency range of the PR 40 was the key feature that allowed Maynes to capture the natural explosions and gunfire of these archaic firearms for the soundtrack. The PR 40 is connected straight into the field recorder without any EQ. The mic features natural midrange articulation, frequency response from 28Hz to 18kHz, and the ability to handle sound pressure levels in excess of 135dB. The PR 40 was taped to the side of some of the guns as well as overhead, resulting in some incredible sound reproduction.

The PR 40 microphone, features a large diaphragm and dynamic element with a neodymium motor to deliver a high level of performance over a wide variety of applications.

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