Harris to Introduce Invenio Motion 4

MELBOURNE, FLA. and DENVER: Harris Broadcast Communications is introducing Invenio Motion 4, the latest Harris Invenio media asset management workflow module. The Invenio Motion 4 integrates multiple functions to track, manage and execute workflow activities, as well as quantify the value of how every task correlates across the workflow. It allows users to add, configure and manage devices, assign tasks to personnel, and track projects from inception to completion. It consolidates multiple asset management tasks within its engine, bringing together many transcoding and storage options, for example—including long-term tape library archives. It brings scaling and clustering techniques common to IT platforms to the broadcast workflow, allowing organizations to group and load-balance devices.

Furthermore, the organization can gather detailed information tied to project length, associated costs and other performance-related factors. This allows customers to determine the efficiency of their operations along with clarity on how to improve processes, from project prioritization to better balancing workflow assignments amongst staff. The ultimate benefit is the ability to fully understand the purpose of every task and its value to the overall media operation.