Harmonic’s Rhozet transcoding solutions now integrated with Manzanita’s verification tools

Harmonic and Manzanita Systems, a provider of transport stream analyzers, announced a working agreement to integrate the software-based CrossCheck signal measurement tools from Manzanita into Harmonic’s Rhozet universal media transcoding products.

Pulled together under the open Rhozet Workflow System (WFS) API framework, the combined solution allows post-production studios, media companies, broadcasters and service providers to access Manzanita’s transport stream verification features directly from within Rhozet’s automated transcoding interface, reducing complexity and operational costs.

CrossCheck supports all industry standards while delivering fast and in-depth verification of content to ensure file-based quality testing, verification and compliance with the CableLabs, MPEG, ATSC and DVB profiles.

Using the Rhozet API, CrossCheck works in tandem with Rhozet’s Carbon Coder and Quality Control System (QCS) to streamline workflows and unify currently disparate steps. It provides file-based quality testing, compliance and verification.

Harmonic’s Rhozet product family works together to optimize the complete transcoding process. Carbon Coder handles transcoding tasks and provides a host of additional functions, including standards conversion, logo insertion, time code burn-in and digital rights management.

Rhozet WFS manages a network of Carbon Coder engines in a distributed “farm” configuration, providing massive scaling for high-volume and high-speed operations.