Harman Professional debuts Version 1.9 of HiQnet

A free download offers new troubleshooting, file management and customization features to System Architect software

Harman Professional launched HiQnet System Architect Version 1.9, a free download that delivers a host of new features to the firm’s flagship network configuration and control protocol. The version 1.9 upgrade includes new tools for network troubleshooting, file compression and management, plus advanced control panel customization, among others.

According to Rick Kreifeldt, VP of Harman Professional Systems Development & Integration Group (SDIG), the registered HiQnet community now includes 20,000 users.

Harman also continues adding new devices to the HiQnet portfolio. Control of the three new Crown I-Tech HD series amplifier models will be possible, and AKG has added a “1 Click Setup” for its wireless network as a plug-in included with System Architect 1.9. Currently, there are a total of 93 shipping HiQnet devices and a total of 66 System Architect-controlled devices.

The new Network Troubleshooting tool actively monitors the audio network, diagnoses and alerts any problems and offers both automated and instructional resolutions. The tool also creates a backup log of any IP address changes and assists in resolving network configuration errors. Also new to Version 1.9 is a compressed file format that dramatically reduces file sizes. Another new utility enables users to expand and explore the contents of a saved file and edit individual custom panels in an XML editor and update images offline.

Finally, HiQnet’s Custom Control Panel has been significantly enhanced. For instance, dragging any device parameter from the System Explorer tree or Advanced Parameter Search utility onto a Custom Control Panel in the design environment will yield a concise list of the appropriate controls to which it can be assigned, saving significant time in system design. Similarly, shortcut controls can instantly be placed on a Custom Control Panel simply by dragging the appropriate panel icon from the panel toolbox.

For more information, visit www.harmanpro.com.