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HaiVision MAKO-HD supports 3D holographic performance

HaiVision Network Video’s advanced H.264 encoding technology supported a transatlantic HD 3D interactive broadcast at InfoComm 09. “Experience a New Dimension: 3D Holographic Projection" was organized by holographic theatrical solution company Musion Systems and featured the transmission of live, interactive holograms from London and Montreal to the Orange County Convention Center, where life-size 3D images were displayed on a rock concert-style stage.

The Musion show included musicians, singers, dancers and comedians in London and Montreal performing live for Orlando audience members. Other activities included a daily streaming house of worship service from Pastor Erik Pattison and a live holographic auction hosted in London with bidders in Orlando.

The 3D images were created by Musion's HD video image capture processes and Eyeliner Foil apparatus. Smooth motion was achieved with the system's fast frame rate of 50 interlaced frames per second, which creates the natural image edge blurring necessary for 3D images to look realistic. HaiVision supplied transmission codecs that combine HD video compression with the lowest latency performance available, enabling two-way signal latency of fewer than 200ms — approximately six times faster than satellite.

Musion used HaiVision's hai1000 telepresence platform equipped with the MAKO-HD H.264 HD codec. The MAKO-HD encodes up to 1080p video with 70ms of end-to-end latency. For the transmissions, each location had multistream capability from the hai1000 codec system, allowing for the numerous camera angles necessary to assure fluid interaction between remote participants.