Grass Valley Trinix Powers ISOL Productions

Grass Valley’s Trinix router

BEIRUT, LEBANON—The television landscape in the Middle East has evolved at an astonishing rate during the last decade, and in this period ISOL Productions has become the leading news agency in Lebanon. Since 2006, we’ve been instrumental in producing news content and entertainment material for the Middle East market through innovation, technology and expertise.


One of the most prominent trends in our region during the last few years has been growing consumer demand high-definition content—anywhere, and at any time. There’s now also far greater pressure on service providers and broadcasters to adapt to the inherently unpredictable nature of live broadcasting. This means that we’ve had to identify new and cost-effective ways to equip our OB vans with the very latest broadcast equipment.

When it came to recently equipping our latest state-of-the-art production truck, we made the decision to work with Grass Valley through its local partner, Pharaon Broadcast. We outfitted the van with various Grass Valley systems including a Kayenne three M/E Video Production Center switcher and some of the company’s latest LDX software-upgradeable cameras, however, at the heart of the truck’s video production system is the Grass Valley Trinix NXT 128 x 256 routing switcher with its integrated multiviewer.

I know that most of my broadcast colleagues will agree that a quality routing switcher is vital to an OB van, as it’s responsible for ensuring that signals gets to where they need to be—on time and with faultless delivery. Grass Valley’s Trinix hasn’t missed a beat in providing us with the level of quality that we need to ensure the content we’re producing reaches our viewers seamlessly.


The Trinix also provides several benefits which make life much easier for our production team. It’s really simple to use and massively reduces time spent in troubleshooting due to its ability to keep signals flowing without any glitches. The Trinix’s low power consumption and advanced cooling system are also big pluses in a mobile production environment. Another bonus is that it allows us to extend our cable runs when we need to without any compromises in the quality of video being delivered. This can be really important, given the changeable nature of outside broadcasting.

The router is complemented by the Jupiter AccuSwitch deterministic router control software, which is a perfect fit for our OB van application. My team of engineers and operators were won over by its unique native direct control routing switcher interface and high-speed switching execution. With AccuSwitch, we’re ready for almost any situation.

From our viewpoint, it’s essential to be able to meet the production demands of live television, and if you look across our industry—and particularly in our region of the world—Grass Valley’s reputation precedes itself. Grass Valley’s broadcast infrastructure solutions enable us to make our live production work what it needs to be: content focused rather than equipment centric.

Issam Abbani is chief executive officer at ISOL Productions. He may be contacted

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