Grass Valley to Introduce Adaptor for Managing MPEG-4 Distribution

At IBC2006, Grass Valley is launching NetProcessor 9040, a network adaptor for managing HD MPEG-4 content over IP.

NetProcessor gives broadcasters more flexibility in inserting local and targeted, branded content into MPEG-4 transport streams. For broadcasters, the device provides frame-accurate splicing and local branding and logo and message insertion capabilities, and for telcos, cable and satellite operators, it offers remote statistical multiplexing, transrating and splicing capabilities. It also offers multiplexing and remultiplexing, scrambling, and the ability to deliver streamed IP services.

Combined with a Grass Valley NetRater DSP processing engine, the NetProcessor 9040 provides a complete solution for delivering broadcast and IP streaming services.

"Broadcasters are moving to IP from baseband video and ATM for their contribution/ backhaul and distribution circuits because it gives them real operational and cost benefits," said Marc Valentin, president of the Grass Valley business within Thomson. "With its powerful stream manipulation and video processing capability and MPEG-4 support, the Grass Valley NetProcessor 9040 will enable broadcasters to realize even more operational and cost benefits."

Other new products at the Grass Valley stand include new modules for the Grass Valley GeckoFlex frame.

The new modules include a compact frame synchronizer that delivers HD performance in a 2 RU form factor. It supports SD-SDI and HD-SDI signals at all common formats and can be converted to fiber connections simply by plugging in a compact small form-factor pluggable (SFP) fiber I/O device. It includes an advanced processing amplifier with RGB, gamma and hue control, and can pass through audio, including Dolby E.

New HD-SDI and SD-SDI distribution amplifiers feature a variety of equalization, reclocking and monitoring options; they also integrate the new frame synchronizer to time incoming lines and asynchronous sources in production.

The new modules are shipping; further additions to the range will be announced in the near future, including a synchronizer with video delay, up and down converters, audio embedding or de-embedding, and audio-processing modules.

The company will also launch its new line of Elite DTV transmitters, designed for DTV broadcasting, with a particular emphasis on transmission to mobile devices.

The Elite exciters comply with ATSC and DVB-T standards for DTV, and also support DVB-H and FLO standards for mobile TV. The transmitters are available in high-powered, liquid-cooled models, and medium-powered, air-cooled models.

Grass Valley will be in Stands 11.550/551.