Grass Valley Covering Every Angle at Super Bowl XL

From the live SD/HD broadcast to the post-game show, a wide variety of Thomson Grass Valley products will be used to cover Super Bowl XL.

Pittsburgh-based NEP Supershooters will be on site at Ford Field in Detroit with seven trucks that all feature Grass Valley digital production equipment. The trucks will bring a total of 64 Grass Valley mk II Worldcam HD cameras, eight Grass Valley LDK 6200 Super SloMo cameras, and 4000 series SD switchers. NEP's Silver HD truck, which houses numerous LDK 6000 mk II Worldcam HD cameras, a Kalypso HD switcher, and SMS7000 Series routing switcher, will produce the game's half-time show featuring the Rolling Stones.

In addition, Nice Shoes, a commercial post house in New York, posted a majority of the film-based Super Bowl commercials, using three new Grass Valley Spirit 2K DataCine systems and three Specter 2K Virtual DataCine systems.